Source code for simulation.utils.road.sections.straight_road

"""The StraightRoad can be used to create straight sections of a road.

As any other road sections, line markings can be variied and obstacles created on the road.

import functools
from dataclasses import dataclass

import simulation.utils.road.sections.type as road_section_type
from simulation.utils.geometry import Line, Point
from simulation.utils.road.sections.road_section import RoadSection

[docs]@dataclass class StraightRoad(RoadSection): """Straight section of the road. Args: length (float): Length [m] of the section. Example: >>> from simulation.utils.road.sections import StraightRoad >>> from simulation.utils.road.road import Road >>> road = Road() >>> straight_road = road.append(StraightRoad(length=2)) >>> road Road(_name=None, _seed=None, use_seed=True, sections=[StraightRoad(\ _Transformable__transform=Transform(translation=Vector(0.0, 0.0, 0.0),rotation=\ Quaternion(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0)), id=0, is_start=False, left_line_marking='solid', \ middle_line_marking='dashed', right_line_marking='solid', obstacles=[], traffic_signs=[], \ surface_markings=[], _speed_limits=[], prev_length=0, length=2)], length=2.0) """ TYPE = road_section_type.STRAIGHT_ROAD length: float = 1 """Length of the section.""" def __post_init__(self): assert self.length > 0, "Invalid: length for StraightRoad is smaller than 0." super().__post_init__() @functools.cached_property def middle_line(self) -> Line: return self.transform * Line([Point(0, 0), Point(self.length, 0)])