Simulated Rosbags

Sometimes it might be useful to record rosbags of the simulation. For example, to generate sets of simulated images, as are necessary to train the simulation.utils.machine_learning.cycle_gan, rosbags are recorded and the images extracted afterward.


Within the ROS package simulation_groundtruth a launch file to record the car automatically driving along the road is defined:


The simulation can be recorded by running:

roslaunch gazebo_simulation record_random_drive.launch rosbag_name:={NAME OF ROSBAG}

Just as the name suggests, the car will drive randomly on both sides of the road. However, the optional parameter randomize_path:={true/false} can be used to fixate the car to the middle of the right lane.

There is also a convenience script simulation/utils/machine_learning/data/ that can be used to easily record rosbags of the car driving on a number of roads at once.

Extract Information

There are also multiple scripts defined in simulation/utils/machine_learning/data/ to extract the information from rosbags without replaying manually:

  1. Extract images from a rosbag (or multiple rosbags).

  2. Extract labels published by the label_camera_node from a rosbag.


The scripts can be executed with

python3 -m{NAME OF THE SCRIPT}

The flag –help reveals information about individual parameters and their usage.