Source code for simulation.utils.road.sections.blocked_area


import math
from dataclasses import dataclass

import simulation.utils.road.sections.type as road_section_type
from simulation.utils.geometry import Point, Polygon
from simulation.utils.road.config import Config
from simulation.utils.road.sections import StraightRoad, SurfaceMarkingPoly, TrafficSign

[docs]@dataclass class BlockedArea(StraightRoad): """Road section representing a blocked area. Args: width (float) = 0.2: width of the blocked area, starting from the right line. """ TYPE = road_section_type.BLOCKED_AREA width: float = 0.2 _opening_angle: float = math.radians(60) def __post_init__(self): super().__post_init__() self.surface_markings += [ SurfaceMarkingPoly( _frame=self._poly, kind=SurfaceMarkingPoly.BLOCKED_AREA, normalize_x=False ) ] self.traffic_signs.append( TrafficSign( TrafficSign.ONCOMING_TRAFFIC, *(self.transform * Point(-0.4, -Config.road_width - 0.1)).xy, angle=self.transform.get_angle(), normalize_x=False, ) ) @property def frame(self) -> Polygon: """Polygon: Frame of the blocked area surface marking. It has the shape of a symmetrical trapezoid. """ return self.transform * self._poly @property def _poly(self) -> Polygon: opening_x = self.width / math.tan(self._opening_angle) return Polygon( [ Point(0, -Config.road_width), Point(opening_x, -Config.road_width + self.width), Point(self.length - opening_x, -Config.road_width + self.width), Point(self.length, -Config.road_width), ] )