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import random

import torch

[docs]class ImagePool: """This class implements an image buffer that stores previously generated images. This buffer enables us to update discriminators using a history of generated images rather than the ones produced by the latest generators. """ def __init__(self, pool_size: int): """Initialize the ImagePool class. Args: pool_size (int): the size of image buffer, if pool_size=0 no buffer will be created """ self.pool_size = pool_size if self.pool_size > 0: # create an empty pool self.num_images = 0 self.images = []
[docs] def query(self, images: torch.Tensor) -> torch.Tensor: """Return an image from the pool. Returns images from the buffer. By 50/100, the buffer will return input images. By 50/100, the buffer will return images previously stored in the buffer, and insert the current images to the buffer. Args: images (torch.Tensor): the latest generated images from the generator """ if self.pool_size == 0: # if the buffer size is 0, do nothing return images return_images = [] for image in images: image = torch.unsqueeze(, 0) if ( self.num_images < self.pool_size ): # if the buffer is not full; keep inserting current images to the # buffer self.num_images = self.num_images + 1 self.images.append(image) return_images.append(image) else: p = random.uniform(0, 1) if ( p > 0.5 ): # by 50% chance, the buffer will return a previously stored image, # and insert the current image into the buffer random_id = random.randint( 0, self.pool_size - 1 ) # randint is inclusive tmp = self.images[random_id].clone() self.images[random_id] = image return_images.append(tmp) else: # by another 50% chance, the buffer will return the current image return_images.append(image) return_images =, 0) # collect all the images and return return return_images