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"""A modified image folder class.

We modify the official PyTorch image folder
so that this class can load images from both current directory and its subdirectories.

import os
import os.path
from typing import List


[docs]def is_image_file(filename): """Check if a file is an image. Args: filename: the file name to check """ return any(filename.endswith(extension) for extension in IMG_EXTENSIONS)
[docs]def find_images(dir: str, max_dataset_size=float("inf")) -> List[str]: """Recursively search for images in the given directory. Args: dir: the directory of the dataset max_dataset_size: the maximum amount of images to load """ images = [] assert os.path.isdir(dir), "%s is not a valid directory" % dir for root, _, fnames in os.walk(dir): for fname in fnames: if is_image_file(fname): path = os.path.join(root, fname) images.append(path) return sorted(images[: min(max_dataset_size, len(images))])