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from typing import Union

import torch

from .labeled_dataset import LabeledDataset
from .unlabeled_dataset import UnlabeledDataset

[docs]class DataLoader: """Wrapper class of Dataset class that performs multi-threaded data loading.""" def __init__( self, dataset: Union[UnlabeledDataset, LabeledDataset], max_dataset_size: int, batch_size: int = 1, num_threads: int = 1, sequential: bool = False, ): """Initialize this class. Step 1: create a dataset instance given the name Step 2: create a multi-threaded data loader. Args: dataset (UnlabeledDataset): the dataset to load max_dataset_size (int): the maximum amount of images to load batch_size (int): the input batch size num_threads (int): threads for loading data sequential (bool): if true, takes images in correct order (file path names), """ self.dataset = dataset print("dataset [%s] was created" % type(self.dataset).__name__) self.dataloader = self.dataset, batch_size=batch_size, shuffle=not sequential, num_workers=num_threads, ) self.batch_size = batch_size self.max_dataset_size = max_dataset_size
[docs] def load_data(self): return self
def __len__(self): """Return the number of data in the dataset.""" return min(len(self.dataset), self.max_dataset_size) def __iter__(self): """Return a batch of data.""" for i, data in enumerate(self.dataloader): if i * self.batch_size >= self.max_dataset_size: break yield data