Source code for simulation.utils.machine_learning.cycle_gan.configs.test_options

from typing import List

from .base_options import BaseOptions

[docs]class TestOptions(BaseOptions): dataset_a: List[str] = ["./../../../../data/real_images/maschinen_halle_parking"] """path to images of domain A (real images).""" dataset_b: List[str] = ["./../../../../data/simulated_images/test_images"] """path to images of domain B (simulated images).""" results_dir: str = "./results/" """saves results here.""" aspect_ratio: float = 1 """aspect ratio of result images""" is_train: bool = False """enable or disable training mode"""
[docs]class WassersteinCycleGANTestOptions(TestOptions): pass
[docs]class CycleGANTestOptions(TestOptions): pass