Source code for simulation.src.simulation_evaluation.src.speaker.speakers.test.utils

from typing import Iterable

from simulation.utils.geometry import Polygon

[docs]def polygon_list_almost_equal(list1: Iterable[Polygon], list2: Iterable[Polygon]): list1 = list1.copy() list2 = list2.copy() def approx_equal(poly1, poly2): return (poly1.intersection(poly2).area / poly1.union(poly2).area) > 0.99 for poly in list1: idx = next((idx for idx, p in enumerate(list2) if approx_equal(poly, p)), -1) if idx >= 0: print(f"Polygon: found {poly}.") del list2[idx] else: print(f"Polygon: {poly} not found in {list2}") return False return len(list2) == 0
[docs]def assert_msgs_for_pos(speaker, frame, *msg_types): """Ensure that the speaker returns the correct msg when the vehicle is at a given position.""" msg_types = list(msg_types) speaker.car_frame = frame for t in speaker.speak(): print(f"received msg {t}") try: idx = msg_types.index(t.type) del msg_types[idx] except ValueError: return False else: return len(msg_types) == 0